On Beat Fitness Certification

On Beat Fitness Certification

Bad B*tches Only: Invest in yourself and up-level your fitness instruction by becoming an On Beat Fitness Instructor.

Who are we? We are fitness for bad b*tches - powerful women and men who know their worth, uplift others, and lead the way in their communities. We are an innovative fitness methodology that uses music as a catalyst for movement.

Music is at the center of what we do because we understand that music elicits emotions. It makes us feel… Whether it’s good, bad, or something in-between, we’re allowed and encouraged to learn our weaknesses and lean into our strengths.

Combine these values with bada$$ fitness movements/sequencing and basic DJ principles and you’ve got the most innovative and exciting fitness methodology around: On Beat Fitness. 

Adopt these values and learn the On Beat method over the course of two weekends (Sept 18th - 20th and Sept 25th - 27th) at our very first certification. Become one of the first On Beat Instructors in the country and learn:

-Music Structure 101
-How to “Beatify” Your Current Fitness Class/Routine
-Creative Sequencing and Improv
-How to Elicit Energy and Emotions through Music and Movement
-Fitness Entrepreneurship 101
-On Beat Branding and Values

As the first round of humans to truly get to know the above and the On Beat Method please note: We will not let you fail. We will only certify individuals who we feel are ready to share this incredible methodology with the rest of the world. Once certified, we will do our absolute best to ensure your success as an Instructor in your community. We cannot wait to see you shine! So... What are you waiting for? Reserve your cert today and commit to yourself.

We can’t wait to meet you! Sign up before July 31st and get $500 off with the code: PRESALE

Extra Details You Need to Know:
Students will learn through our online courses and workbooks, combined with one to three hour (per day) Zoom meetings and lessons on September 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, and 27). Each student will be required to “study” and complete lessons in between these two weekends with their peers through Online Communites and meetings. Hopeful Instructors will be required to submit videos (introductions and auditions).

What you need to complete this certification:
-Internet Access
-A filming device and ability to upload videos to Google Drive
-A Zoom Account
-An upbeat AF personality 

*The certification will occur 100% online (due to Covid-19). When in-person classes and certifications resume, all students who purchase this certification will be able to attend future live certs free-of-charge.

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On Beat Fitness Certification

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