Week 1 | Building Your Foundation

Week 1 | Building Your Foundation

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How The Twerk Challenge Works:

Each day's workout is specifically designed to accomplish the specified Twerk Target for the week. A Twerk Target is a foundational goal that will help you build the muscles and the skills necessary for your twerk. For example: Week one's "Twerk Target" is "Building a Strong Foundation" for your twerk aka strong arms, abs, and stamina; therefore, that week's workouts are abs, arms, and cardio focused.

The corresponding Twerktorial video paired for that week is meant to help breakdown the physical body mechanics of your twerk. For example: Twerktorial Video 1 focuses on the Anterior/Posterior tilt of your pelvis - a crucial move to popping out that booty! *Twerktorial Videos can be reviewed as many times as you'd like to throughout the course of the challenge - in fact, we encourage you to review them often

Combined, the "Twerk Targets," corresponding "Twerktorials," and supplemental daily workouts, will get you to you Twerk Finale on day 30! The final day will have you going all out in a Twerkout that will put all your newfound skills to the test.

Steps For Success:

1. Download the Twerk Calendar by copy & pasting the link below into a new tab, and follow it religiously over the next 30-days

Link to Twerk Calendar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F40v0dGUV0QBoFMHHt-nwmhxtFw9Sz0M/view?_ke=

2. Join our Online Facebook Community, the On Beat Fleet, and introduce yourself - Twerk rules are posted within the group

Link to group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/onbeatfleet/?_ke=

3. Stick to the workouts and track your progress on Social using the provided Instagram Stories as well as the hashtags #OnBeatFleet and #OnBeatChallenge

4. Interact with the Community and find your accountability buddy - we HIGHLY recommend inviting a friend to completing this challenge with you

5. Read our weekly "Twerk Tip" emails and review Twertorial videos often

6. Dance like nobody's watching - you've got this babe!

Alright, now that you know how it all works and what steps to follow do you know what time it is... It's TWERK TIME! We'll be checking in with you periodically but for now, congratulations, good luck, and happy twerking!

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Week 1 | Building Your Foundation